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Your Trusted Buyer's Agent

A real estate agent provides comprehensive assistance to buyers in the complex process of purchasing real estate. This includes conducting a tailored property search to find homes that meet the buyer's specific needs and preferences. The agent offers valuable insights into current market trends and pricing, ensuring the buyer makes an informed decision. In the journey of purchasing real estate, a real estate agent plays a pivotal role, offering a suite of services tailored to the buyer's needs. Mr. Golden has dedicated 20+ proud years to ensuring he's the area's trusted real estate expert. Derek will ensure your transaction is handled with care, and has made a legal and ethical commitment to deal honestly and fairly, disclose all known facts that affect value of residential property, account for all funds, use skill, care and diligence, exercise limited confidentiality and perform additional duties that are mutually agreed to. 


Unlocking the Benefits of Using a Buyer's Agent

Your Partner in Home Search: The Buyer's Agent Advantage

Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)

20+ Years Experience

Mater of Real Estate (MRE)


5-Star Rating

Golden Guarantee

Frank R, NY

“Our team has been fortunate to have been working with Derek for the past 6-7 years and he has been by far, the most dedicated, professional, responsive hard working Real Estate person that we have ever worked with."

Steven E, FL

"Derek is extremely professional, detail oriented, and hard working. He has gone above and beyond several times for our family."

Heather U, FL

“Derek Golden went above and beyond the expectations of an agent. He knows the market and process of buying and selling inside and out.”

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